We spend so much time on video games, sometimes it is totally wasted time (however you still spend time with great fun, if it is your goal) and sometimes you improve your thinking abilities. What? How? Is it possible to spend time with fun and at the same time gain something from it? Yea, it is, if you are playing specific types of games, let’s say for example puzzle games that require from you thinking abilities as well as analyzing skills, etc. Such games in time can dramatically improve the above-mentioned abilities.

This is why I always encourage to play people puzzle games, mind games, strategy games, and other similar games out there that are focused on thinking rather than action, running, shooting, or other games like this. Today I want to give you yet another game suggestion called Word Wipe from AARP, this game belongs to word puzzle games and your job is to find words from a random list of letters, we will cover details below so stay with us.

About the game
Like I have mentioned before, this game belongs to the word puzzle games category, in this game your job is to combine letters together in different directions. Once the word is fully combined you click on the last letter of the word and the game will wipe the selected word from the board. As soon as the word is wiped out other letters that are placed above will fall down and result in a completely new different board with other possible combinations. I have seen really skilled people wiping specific words just so the next combination can make meaningful words so that they can wipe those letters as well.

There are various levels in the game by the way, as you know higher the level more complicated it is, Word Wipe is no different in this case, it also gets harder once you finish the first couple of levels. This is exactly why the game is so challenging and entertaining at the same time.

Each wiped word will add to your counter additional scores, the more words you will wipe out the more scores you will get. Try to go for long words if you can, it will add extra points and it will increase your chances of victory.

Limited time
To make things a little bit harder for us game has a count-down clock, once the time runs out round is over. If you won’t be able to get enough points by the time when time hits zero it is game over for you and you will have to start the game all over again.

Finishing move
You can collect points all day long, but don’t forget to wipe at least one line on the board, this is important to progress further in the next levels. I usually wipe one line straight away and after that focus on getting extra points